Villars-Gryon and the surrounding area

There are loads of leisure activities for all ages in the surrounding area in both the summer and winter seasons, such as skiing, hiking, snowshoe trails, 18-hole golf, swimming pools, skating rinks, mini golf, paragliding and more.

Loads of these activities are free in the summer months, from June to October, with the Free Access Card (over 30 rides and activities free for all resident guests) ! -

There are also plenty of events not to be missed, such as the Villars Rando Festival, the Villars Night Show, Jumping, to name a few.

For all you foodies out there, Villars-Gryon is a region rich in local flavours and traditional mountain fare bound to satisfy any refined palate.

The resort prides itself on its prime location between two wine-producing regions boasting both a unique climate and character, whose 200 hectares of south-facing hillside vineyards are comfortably nestled in the Alpine foothills.


The Tourist Office's brochures link : click here.

Download the Tourist Office’s “Welcome” brochure here: FR EN

For more tourist information, visit the very interesting and highly comprehensive official website of the Villars-Gryon Tourist Offices:

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